Ultima Sure Grips Non-Slip Ruler Grip Rings

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Ultima's Sure Grips are a game-changer for precision work, ensuring rulers and templates stay firmly in place during marking or cutting tasks. Transparent rubber grips enhance visibility of ruler guides and fabric, while their easy application—simply peel and stick—gets you working in no time. These ultra-thin grips won't elevate your ruler or harm cutting surfaces, promoting both accuracy and safety. Plus, with the option of small or large grips, you have versatility tailored to your needs.

NOTE: Small grips are the center of the large grips.


At a Glance

  • Ultima's Sure Grips improve accuracy by preventing rulers and templates from slipping while marking or cutting.
  • With Sure Grips by Ultima, you can easily see your ruler guides and fabric through the transparent rubber grips.
  • Simply peel off a large or small Sure Grips adhesive ring, stick it to the back of your ruler or template and you’re ready to go.
  • The ultra-thin design of Ultima's Sure Grips means they won’t raise your ruler off the cutting surface and won’t scratch or damage your cutting mats or fabric.
  • Sure Grips will improve safety by preventingrulers and templates from slipping.