Universal Leather Holster for Scissors, Shears & Pliers, 10 Inch and Larger

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Introducing the Universal brand heavy-duty leather holster, a versatile accessory designed for professionals. This premium holster features a convenient belt slot, ensuring easy access to your essential tools such as scissors, shears, and pliers. Crafted with durability in mind, the holster is meticulously riveted for unparalleled strength, providing a reliable and secure housing for your equipment. Its adaptable design allows it to accommodate a diverse range of scissors, shears, and pliers, all with a size exceeding 10 inches. Elevate your work experience with this rugged and reliable holster, an indispensable companion for any tradesperson or enthusiast. This Universal brand leather scissors holster is for scissors 10 inches and larger.


At a Glance:

  • The Universal brand heavy-duty leather holster is designed for professionals, featuring a convenient belt slot for easy tool access.
  • Meticulously riveted for strength, this premium holster securely houses scissors, shears, and pliers.
  • Accommodating tools exceeding 10 inches, it offers versatility and durability for diverse needs.
  • Elevate your work with this rugged holster, perfect for tradespeople and enthusiasts.
  • Specifically crafted for scissors 10 inches and larger, it ensures practical and durable tool storage.


Scissors and pliers, 10 inches and larger