Universal Slick Cone Easy Glide, 1 Gallon

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Developed for the needle trades, Slick Cone, the "Easy-Slide" product for your cutting department. Preserves, polishes, renews marking, cutting and sewing table surfaces. Ideal for finished and nonabsorbent woods, masonite, formica and other composition surfaces. Creates roller bearing action on surfaces. Perfect, safe and protective on wood, metal and plastic surfaces. Protects and prolongs the life with a smooth, glossy, dust-resistant, super-glide coating. Slick Cone coated tables ease moving of fabric lays and cutting blocks. The coating never completely wears off. An occasional application of Slick Cone builds up maximum efficiency. Just apply with a clean cloth. Dries in seconds. One gallon is adequate for approximately 4,000 square feet of coverage.

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1 Gallon