Wiss 10 Inch Crescent Bent Handle Industrial Shears (Wiss W20)

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The Crescent Wiss Bent Handle Industrial Shear offers nickel-plated inlaid blades with black enamel handles. Precision engineered and hot drop-forged, with a patented grinding process to give you longer cutting life, maximum cutting edge hardness and durability. These scissors are ideal for cutting upholstery, carpet, drapery, leather and heavy fabircs. Made with bent handles, like professional tailor's shears to permit maximum ease and accuracy in all pattern cutting and trimming. Trimmers have powerful leverage and unequaled cutting capacity. The handle rings comfortably fit users' hands, and the Set-Easy pivot adjustment easily and securely adjusts to fit your grip and cutting preference. The overall length is 10" and cut length is 4.75".


At a Glance:

  • Nickel-plated inlaid blades with black enamel handles
  • Precision engineered and hot drop-forged
  • Patented grinding process for longer cutting life, maximum hardness, and durability
  • Ideal for cutting upholstery, carpet, drapery, leather, and heavy fabrics
  • Bent handles for ease and accuracy in pattern cutting and trimming
  • Powerful leverage and unequaled cutting capacity
  • Comfortable handle rings tailored to fit users' hands
  • Set-Easy pivot adjustment for easy and secure customization of grip and cutting preference
  • Overall length: 10", Cut length: 4.75"