Zipper Rescue Zipper Repair Kit, Clothing

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Zipper Rescue
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The Zipper Rescue Clothing Kit provides replacement parts and repair solutions for a wide range of clothing and accessories, including sweatshirts, jackets, jeans, skirts, slacks, and purses. It features 11 high-quality replacement sliders commonly used in apparel and accessories, along with 4 end stops and 6 top stops. Designed for light to medium duty repairs, the kit is compatible with Metal Tooth, Plastic Tooth (Vislon), and Nylon Coil type sliders. Repairing worn-out or broken zipper sliders is made easy using standard pliers. The kit includes an illustrated instruction manual filled with repair guidance and useful tips, along with contact information for customer support and sourcing hard-to-find parts. Made in the USA, our kits are meticulously assembled in-house in Portland, Oregon, using premium components sourced from the USA and Japan, ensuring durability and reliability.


At a Glance

  • Replacement parts and repair solutions for clothing and accessories
  • Includes 11 sliders, 4 end stops, and 6 top stops
  • Compatible with Metal Tooth, Plastic Tooth (Vislon), and Nylon Coil type sliders
  • Easy repairs with standard pliers
  • Illustrated instruction manual with repair guidance and tips
  • Made in the USA with premium components