Eastman Chickadee Model D2 Rotary Shear

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The Eastman Chickadee II features a totally enclosed sharpener for faster and safer sharpening, easily accessible motor brushes for quick and easy servicing and an integrated power switch for rapid response and fatigue free operation. Four different base plates and cutting tips can be selected depending on your specific use:

  • Stabilizer Shoe: The standard foot attachment, a utility feature that lends itself well to all cutting and slitting operations.
  • Ball Tip: Best when slitting tubular knits or other loosely woven materials.
  • Broad Stabilizer: For those applications where slightly more stability is necessary; useful for eliminating distortion between plies.
  • Baseplate: A small baseplate fitted with needle rollers to create the lightest free standing rotary shear available. Provides the greatest degree of accuracy from top to bottom ply.
  • Specifications:
    • 0.10hp motor
    • Unit weighs 1lb. 14oz.
    • Blade size is 2-1/4"
    • 1/2" cutting capacity

The Chickadee II has a cutting capacity 25% greater than competitive models. Powered by Eastman's Permanent Field Motor, these shears have 40% more power than any other hand held knife its size. Designed for continuous use without motor burnout. This, combined with its streamlined, lightweight construction, helps eliminate operator fatigue. Equipped with a round blade for general use. Hexagon blade available separately for sheer or difficult cloth.

Chickadee II Parts

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2-1/4 Inch